Mind Over Money: How to Manage Financial Anxiety and Stress | Know Your Worth E30

May 7, 2024

When you’re in the thick of it, learning how to manage financial anxiety can feel really overwhelming to overcome. 

(Or it can feel like the only solution is to win the lottery and never have to think about money again.)

Financial anxiety is so common no matter your income level or skill set — it’s linked to our security and what we need to survive. 

In this episode, Kristen and Sydney are sharing the insights as to why the connection between mental health and finances is so strong, anecdotes about their personal challenges with money, and actionable advice you can start implementing today for how to manage your financial anxiety.

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01:32 — Understanding the connection between mental health and finances

14:09 — Why you need to have a simple budget to begin alleviating financial stress

15:47 — How to better focus on what you can control 

21:54 — Seek social support and understanding different perspectives

26:18 — How practicing mindfulness and stress reduction can help you have a different relationship with money

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