The Psychology of Impulse and  Emotional Buying Plus Strategies to Manage it | E31

May 14, 2024

Are you hiding bags and bringing them in? 

Is your partner mad at you because you both agreed not to spend on something and you went and did it anyways?

Emotional and impulse spending always have a cost beyond the financial side of it. In this episode, Sydney and Kristen explore the psychology of emotional buying and how our spending habits affect our mental health just as much as our financial health . 

They explore how your childhood experiences, money scripts, cultural influences, and societal norms influence your spending habits. The duo also shares their personal stories to illustrate how their upbringing shaped their spending habits and discuss strategies for recognizing and managing emotional buying.

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01:18 — Exploring the Psychology of Emotional Buying 

02:00 — Childhood Influences on Money Habits

11:29 — The Impact of Social Media on Emotional and Impulse Spending

13:44 — Why You Need to Define Money Values

17:56 — Strategies for Managing Emotional and Impulse Spending

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