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Bookkeeping and financial analysis that’s accurate and reliable!

KYW is focused on bringing consistency, guidance, and confidence into your small biz bookkeeping needs and beyond.

More about me & my qualifications!

Ready to help you feel amazing about your bookkeeping and backend financial trajectory!

Nerd Alert: I love solving problems, analyzing data, and finding ways to help you and your finances operate at optimal efficiency. Seriously, it’s my world!

This process doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating for you and you definitely won’t feel belittled or criticized by me. When we work together you will feel organized, motivated, and excited! My ULTIMATE goal, other than getting your bookkeeping in complete working order, is for you to NEVER dread looking at your books again.

Your Financial Hype Girl!

I'm Sydney!

Let’s implement the whole process! 

This is the whole shabang my friend!  I take care of categorizing transactions, account reconciliations, creating  monthly financial statements, etc.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Things have gotten a little messy. No worries! We have all started  things with good intentions and then  they just got away from us.

Let’s work on a better way together!


Let’s build it based on your needs!

You want a good start and a solid foundation. You know you  need it to be organized and intuitive but you’re just not sure where to go from here. 

QuickBooks Setup

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