Why You Need to Accurately Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Accounts If You Want to Scale | Know Your Worth E25

March 19, 2024

We know — reconciling bank and credit card accounts is probably the unsexiest topic we could have an episode on. 

But, account reconciliation is crucial if you want to scale your business, and so many business owners we see are getting it wrong. Truth be told: it’s preventing them from growing. 

Accurate numbers are essential for understanding your financial picture, and reconciling your bank and credit card accounts every month helps you do just that.

Without proper reconciliation, you could be double-counting your expenses or excluding income — both of which can affect your profit margins and cause you to make decisions without the right information. 

Tune into this episode to discover why monthly reconciliations are a must for financial accuracy and how they impact your business beyond tax season.

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We’re covering: 

03:29 — Why your QuickBooks and bank balance need to match and how it can affect you if they don’t

06:47 — How to reconcile your credit cards and what to look out for when you have more than one card 

08:03 — The biggest red flags we see with clients who have tried to reconcile accounts themselves

12:08 — What larger or more complex companies need to reconcile regularly in addition to their bank and credit cards

When you become a bookkeeping client at Know Your Worth, we help you clean up all of your transactions so you know your books are accurate

When your books are accurate, we can provide you with your business’s financial statements every month and also show you how to use them to make the decisions you need to make to scale your business. 

You’ll confidently know what you can afford to invest in to grow your business, how to plan for low-income or high-expense months, and pay yourself consistently, even with inconsistent revenue. 

Plus, you’ll be able to provide your accountant with the most accurate numbers about your business, which will allow them to help you save on taxes. 

The investment starts at $400 per month. 

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