Navigating Finances with Your Partner | Know Your Worth E5

October 31, 2023

Do you and your partner have different outlooks on money? 

It can be difficult to navigate financial conversations with your partner when you come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives on how to spend, save, and invest your money. 

Sydney and Kristen share how each of them has navigated finances with their own partners and shed light on the challenges of getting on the same page as their partner and what’s worked well for each of them. 

They also highlight the importance of a budget and using tools to help you and manage it — without needing to obsess — to alleviate some of the stress you or your partner might have with managing money. 

Tune in to hear how you can navigate creating a budget with your partner and some of the challenges that come with talking to someone else about money.

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  • Why money is the number one thing couples fight about 
  • How to get over your belief that talking about money is “taboo”
  • The financial tools you can use to keep track of your budget
  • How a “lifestyle” Pinterest board can prevent you from making impulse purchases

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