The Hidden Expenses You’re Forgetting to Deduct | Know Your Worth E21

February 20, 2024

Even though we know we *should*, we don’t always remember to (or aren’t able to) put every business expense on our business card. 

You might be out running an errand and pick up some office supplies and realize you only have your personal card with you. Or maybe you get more points for buying your business travel flights on your personal travel card rather than your business card. 

When we get new clients that have been doing their own books, we see they are forgetting or they don’t know they can add transactions that they paid on personal cards and missing out on deductions. 

In this episode, we get into how you’re missing out on deductions and a couple of sneaky places deductions might be hiding that you need to check.

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02:54 — Why you need to maintain as much separation between personal and business as you can to protect yourself

07:24 — How you can reimburse yourself for business expenses when you put them on a personal card

10:29 — 3 additional places business expenses might be hiding that you forgot to track

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