Top 5 Things Our Listeners Have Found Helpful to Gain Confidence with Their Finances | E28

April 16, 2024

If you currently feel overwhelmed with your money and business finances, it’s important to remember that money is just a skill. 

We didn’t all wake up one day knowing all this information about how to manage our money and business finances.

That’s why, in this episode, we’re sharing the top five financial tips shared by our listeners that have helped them the most in their financial journeys as they grew their businesses.

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01:22 — Why you always want to have a financial professional you can consult with 

03:01 — The importance of recognizing where you need more financial education rather than being money-avoidant 

06:12 — How Accounting Software and Tools can help fill in gaps in your knowledge and skill 

12:27 — Why you may want to consider diversifying your revenue streams 

14:14 — The connection between money and a positive mindset and resiliency

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