How to Create a Budget Without Feeling Restricted or Anxious | Know Your Worth E7

November 14, 2023

Creating a budget can often feel restrictive, but with the right approach, it can ensure you have the freedom to spend on what you want while still being confident you can reach your money goals.

Sydney helped Kristen create her budget and they share the process in this episode.

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Tune in to see: 

  • How to get out of feelings of anxiety around money
  • How to find the right person where you feel fully comfortable to be open about your full business and personal financial situations 
  • How to get a snapshot of your realistic spending habits to best plan your budget
  • Using an Over/Under system to contribute more to your Sexy Money Goals
  • The Credit Card Payoff Calculator template in Excel and Google Sheets to help you create a payoff plan for credit card debt
  • The value of automatic savings and investing (plus a suggested app to use to keep it simple)
  • Why you should set up a separate saving account at your bank

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