Challenges of Properly Collecting and Reporting Sales Tax as You Scale | Know Your Worth E18

January 30, 2024

As your business grows, reporting sales tax gets a whole lot more complicated. 

From adding new types of products or services with different sales tax requirements to navigating the different sales tax laws in different states, the more your business grows, the more complex collecting and reporting sales tax becomes. 

In this episode, Sydney and Kristen explore what you need to know about sales tax so you understand how it evolves as your business grows and the role your bookkeeper can play in supporting you with collecting and reporting the right amount.

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Tune in to hear: 

03:28 — What types of businesses need to pay sales tax (including a few that commonly get overlooked) 

08:52 — What is Nexus and how to prepare for it (this is especially important if you sell in multiple states) 

12:01 — Sales tax exemptions to know 

23:05 — How to make sure you’re paying the right amount on sales tax and the common mistake that leads many entrepreneurs to overpay

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