Be organized. Be confident. Be on track.

Listen, we are all human; small business owners stretched a little thin and there is no shame in that! Maybe things have been put off or even overlooked. I'm not here to make you feel like crap about it! I'm here to get you motivated, focused, and accurate. Let's fix it, build it, and move forward so you can relax and reach the goals ahead of you. Forget the past, let's look to the Future!

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You are ready to have Know Your Worth come in and handle it all! You have your quickbooks set up, it’s clean and ready to be handled. The monthly bookkeeping will include categorizing transactions, account reconciliation, and financial statements. 

$400 per month with a minimum of 3 months per contract.

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A great option if you've been in business for at least 3 months and have consistent transactions coming through. You may be new to Quickbooks OR you're looking to re-categorize existing transactions, reconcile accounts, examine journal entries, etc. This cleanup is very personalized depending on your business needs and will be discussed during our call. 

Starting at $1,200 for 3+ months of clean up; smaller jobs will start at $400+ depending on project scope.

Eager to Organize?

Perfect for the entrepreneur that's just starting their business or is new to QuickBooks. You'll have accounts added, transactions categorized, bank statements reconciled, and a thorough review of all financial statements. 

Starting at $400, based on project scope and business needs.

New to Quickbooks?

QuickBooks Setup

i need that
i need that

This is about goals, goals, GOALS! You’ve been working hard and are looking ahead toward future decisions both personally and professionally i.e. saving, outsourcing, expanding, hiring, etc. Your financials will be analyzed either monthly, quarterly, or on a one time basis, and we will provide you with the data you need to make the most informed decision!

Starting at $200, based on project scope and business needs.

Looking to make
future decisions?

Financial Analysis


Eager to Organize?

Eager to Organize?


yes, please
yes, please

A total business financial overhaul. This is a full day of everything you need, all the places you want to evaluate, and all the questions you’ve been dying to ask! Goal planning? Check! Business analysis? Check! Pricing models. Contract goals. Hiring goals. This is an in depth analysis and write up on your current financial situation and your possible future projections based on your current business or future goals. This package includes an initial meeting to talk about goals and planning reports to prepare, a full day overhaul, and a follow up meeting 1 month later to check in. 

**Books need to be organized enough to provide a month to month profit and loss statement.**

Starting at $900, based on project scope and business needs.

Let’s make it a day!